Dvd 'Backstage' (Gerry Griffin)

Dvd  'Backstage'


Do you want to learn card tricks that fool magicians ? Gerry Griffin is back and this time, he is taking you with him.


  • SEVENS Unshuffled : After the deck is well mixed Gerry cuts to the Sevens as the Sevens 'Unshuffle' the deck.

  • Surprise SEVENS : Gerry proves how Lucky the Sevens are as he lets a spectator randomly cut right to his Lucky Sevens.

  • Sevens Switched at Berth : Gerry shows a spectator how two cards can be switched right in her hands only to find out the Sevens do all the switching.

  • Big Deal : Watch as a spectator deals cards on to Gerry's Big Lucky Seven only to find out Sevens always unite no matter what their size.

  • Drunken Shuffle : The Lucky Sevens come to the rescue as Gerry's cards go thru a 'Drunken Shuffle.'

  • Ambush : Join Gerry as he sneaks up and tries to Ambush his Lucky Sevens.

    English DVD.
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