Dvd Extreme Cuts' (Keone) ( Keone)

Dvd Extreme Cuts' (Keone)


You are invited to a VIP performance of eye-poppin' flourishes an flawless card handling by the smoothest hands in the Hawaiian Islands.
Keone shows off some killer new moves to island grooves and then shares the flow with you.
Step inside and be blown away by his stunning card display, and then take it down a beat and let "K3 show how to work the mix.


  • KEO KUT : 3 packet cut with 180 degree mid air spin
  • SHAKES : Half Sibling with finger flurry Shake finish
  • HALF TWISTED : Mirror image two handed cut. Can be done false.
  • FA SHOW : A Charlier revolution cut, can be done false
  • BREEZE : Cut, clip, pivot, and curl? That's a breeze.
  • ROLLOUT : Cards roll out under and up the deck
  • REMIX : A wicked medley of some familiar card cuts
  • JUMP SHOT : Cards are cut and shot into a one-handed fan
  • THUMB PIVOT : Cards pivot around each other, off the thumb
  • BIG TOP : A killer cut display with a fan at the top
  • K Display : Keone's personal 6-packet card display.

    English DVD.
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