Lot DVD 'Expert Card Magic' 1 & 2 (Sal Piacente)

Lot DVD 'Expert Card Magic' 1 & 2


Join card magician and world renommed gaming expert Sal Paciente, as he takes you step by step in this 2 DVD through 13 of his amazing expert card routines. These routines have gained him prestige and respect with magic's elite. Including the famous '4, 5, 6 Packet Trick'.



  • Sal's Memory Opener :Sal memorizes the deck of cards instantly, even as a spectator repeatedly shuffles the deck !

  • The Marlo Opener :
    A spectator cuts the deck. Sal then corrctly estimates the exact number of cards cut then proceeds to deal himself a perfect hand.

  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine :
    The most incredible Ace cutting routine you will ever see ! The deck is shuffled then Sal "dead cuts" directly to each of the four aces.

  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine II
    When the deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled, Sal then proceeds to cut straight to the aces this time without even looking...

  • The Vernon Poker Deal Revisited
    Sal's version of a classic routine in which a spectator will assist by drawing the winning card for Sal's incredible poker hand...



  • The Mc Dougal Outgone :A very powerful routine where Sal will stack the four aces into the deck and then deal himself the aces.

  • Paint Poker :
    Using only the 20 high cards, the deck is shuffled and cut. Sal is then able to deal himself the winning hand.

  • Rollover Aces :
    Sal cuts to the four aces, then for a kicker ending he produces all four Royal Flushes !

  • Stop !! :
    A card is selected, then shuffled into the deck. Sal deals the card until 'STOP' is called to review the chosen card.

  • The Riffle Stack :
    Sal demonstrates how a professional gambler can set up the deck of cards with the use of a riffle shuffle.

  • The Faro Stack :
    The four aces are shown, than Faor shuffled into the deck. Sal deals himself the aces with a special ending !

  • 4, 5, 6 Packet Trick :
    Sal's show stopping routine where he finds a spectator chosen card that he or she has just merely thought of...VERY IMPRESSIVE !

    BONUS :

  • The encore card trick.

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