Dvd 'Complete Card Magic' Vol 7 (Techniques More) (Gerry Griffin)

Dvd 'Complete Card Magic' Vol 7 (Techniques More)


This DVD is the fourth of the collection Complete Card Magic.

Complete Card Magic includes over 100 cutting edge card mysteries and techniques, from beginner to expert extreme !
Now, in Volume Seven, you are ready for the best in card cuts and sleights. Card expert Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through 31 expert card techniques.

Dvd Complete Card Magic Vol 7 :

  • Cuts : Cutting the cards is more than dividing the deck. Ad flare and control with TEN famous CUTS !

    - The Octopus Cut
    - Gerry's One-Handed Cut
    - The Blind Swivel Cut
    - The Kick Cut
    - The Scissors Cut
    - The Charlier Cut
    - Erdnase False Cut
    - The Double Undercut
    - Double Undercut to the Table
    - Gerry's Undercut to the Table.

  • Sleights : Sleight of hand is the key to card magic success. Master these 21 SLEIGHTS and amaze everyone !

    - The Triple Lift
    - The Glide II
    - Transferring the Break
    - Rub-a-dub Vanish
    - Palming
    - Jordan Count
    - The Flustration Move
    - Elmsley Count
    - The Card Fold
    - The Biddle Move
    - The Pass
    - The Glide
    - The Break
    - The Siva Count
    - The Revolve Change
    - Catching a Glimpse
    - Hammon Count
    - Flourish and a Pass
    - The Double Lift
    - Braue Reverse
    - Table Palm
English DVD.
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