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Spider Confetti Cannon (Mr Tango)

Spider Confetti Cannon


If you are looking for a great finale for your show, if you want to add a great effect, only using a small piece of flash cotton, 100 % safe, you need a Spider Fire Cannon !!

The mexican magician Spider, invented an incredible and easy system to make a safe explosion of paper, you receive a professional device and special components to produce about 400 paper explosions. You can use it on stage, on a house, outside, everywhere you perform you will have a professional finale for your show.

Made in black color aluminum, small, practical and super professional, another creation of Tango Magic.

- Great for snow storm finally (all white confetti)!
- Great for kids and adults shows!
- Great addition to a Snake Basket!
- It doesn't contain the 9 volt battery
- It doesn't contain the flash cotton
- It doesn't contain the confetti
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick