The umbrella trick

The umbrella trick


Take out of the tube the red umbrella. Open the umbrella to show it is a normal one. Close the umbrella and put it back into the tube.

Show 8 several colored silks to the audiance. Then, put them into a bag, and suddenly the bag change into the top of the umbrella and all the silks are disapeared.

Take back the tube and pull out of this one the umbrella. Now the top has been disappeared and instead of the top, there are the 8 silks hanging at the umbrella.

You can perform this trick at many places : stage, street, school parties, house parties, wedding parties,...

You can do it alone or with your assistant or with the help of one of your audiance, could be an adult or a child. Many posibilities !!! With or without a talking during act. It's colorful and it is a big and great trick.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick