Magic Smoke From Anywhere (V.2)

Magic Smoke From Anywhere (V.2)


The product has been on the market for 3 years and had been in development for about 2 years.

What you get in the kit:

1. The main unit which holds the liquid and 1 battery (about the size of a sharpie marker)
2. All tubing that can be cut to suit your needs
3. 2 rechargeable lithium batteries (so you can always have a spare fully charged)
4. A charger for you batteries including an adaptor of your choice UK / Euro or USA (so no extra expense)
5. 2 liquid containers (1 spare)
6. A rubber bulb to pump out the smoke
7. 2 different sizes of tubular bandage 1 for the lower arm and 1 for the upper arm, to hold everything in place.
8. 1 bottle of refill liquid, which will last a very busy working magician over a year
9. Instructions
10.1 plastic storage box, for you to keep everything together

You do get everything included, no going out and buying batteries before you can use it (which can be expensive), and no need to buy any expensive refills, as you get enough for about 150,000 puffs of smoke included in the kit, yes 150,000 puffs, so no refills for at least a year.

You get 6 month Guarantee, providing that you use the machine correctly as stated in the instructions.

Spares are available to existing customers of magic smoke 2, like extra batteries / more tubing / even the main body if you do burn out your coil from misuse. We have made the product so that anything can be replaced, very easy without any skill, basically plug and play.
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