Dream lock

Dream lock


A borrowed ring is locked on a 4 digit combination brass lock and, the dials are mixed.

Spectator can test that the lock cannot be opened.
Spectator thinks of any 4 digit number dials them on the lock. This proves to be the secret numbers that opens the lock!

No forceof any pre-conditioned numbers such as someone’s year of birth, anniversary or birthday.

You can do either of the following:

1. Ask spectator to name ANY 4 digit number
2. Project the 4 digit number to their mind and have the spectator name it.
3. Have 4 different people name a single number each to form the 4 digit number. Whatever numbers the spectators have chosen, they put the numbers and open the lock with their own hands!

Important points:

Mechanical, nothing will break
Nothing added or taken away
No electronics parts, no remote control
No magnets, no PK rings
No threads, no wires
No buttons, no switches
No gravity switch, no directional limit
No timers
Spectators set the chosen numbers on the lock.
They open it themselves!
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick