The Haunted Deck Eco

The Haunted Deck Eco


An indispensable deck with one of the more subtle effect of card magic!

The magician shows a deck of cards. He asks to three spectators to choose a card. The three cards are put back at random in the deck.

The deck is shuffled in order to prove that there is no gimmick. Finally the magician puts the deck on his hand.

Magically, the deck begins an enchanting ballet!

A part of the deck goes aside and then comes back letting a card apart. One more time, the deck moves but this time forward, letting a second card apart.

Finally and for the third time, the deck moves aside, letting a third card apart.

The spectators takes the three selected cards: they are the chosen cards!
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick
9.5 €7.6 Profit 20 %