Bicycle Color Collection Kit

Bicycle Color Collection Kit


We are proud to introduce to you an unbelievable exclusive: Bicycle Color Collection.

An elegant maxi-case enclosing 9 regular Bicycle poker size decks in 9 different colors, among which 2 amazing new backs: fuchsia and turquoise (not on sale individually).

Get all the colors of Bicycle poker decks (rider back) at an unbelievable price. Included in this case you will find 9 Bicycle decks and two professional close-up pads (1 black and 1 red).

  • All the Bicycle colors available IN ONE GO!
  • The close-up pads included are standard size (40 x 27,5 cm) and professional. They are composed of two layers: non-slip rubber under, and soft fabric above.
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    No Difficulty for this magic's trick