Flow Refills (Dan Hauss)

Flow Refills


Dan Hauss has discovered a rare piece of strange that brilliantly abuses the laws of nature-allowing you to mysteriously and from a distance stop and start the flow of liquid from an innocent bottle of designer water.

Your spectator actually experiences the entire astonishment in her own hands! You never touch the bottle-or water-throughout the entire effect. All can be immediately examined: the empty bottle, the spectator, you, the water, the street, everything!

Dan Hauss' Flow uses a completely original crazy new principle that will leave you gushing with delight!

* Prepare any bottle in under ten seconds
* Works with bottled soda, tea, and most other beverages.
* No discs or caps used. Nothing to hide, steal or get rid of.
* Perform Flow completely surrounded.
* Once the effect starts the performer never touches the bottle, the water or the spectator.
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Difficulty of level 2 for this magic's trick