Hollywood Illusion Magic Castle (Milt Larsen)

Hollywood Illusion Magic Castle


Chaque membre du club pourrait écrire avec ses propres anecdotes et ses souvenirs au sujet du château, des histoires merveilleuses concernant le château et ses membres pourraient remplir les pages de centaines de livres.

Dans ce livre, vous trouverez simplement quelques histoires que Milt Larsen aime à raconter.


Chapitre 1 :

Pre-Opening-Voyage Without a Map
Haunted House Bar & Grill
Gags, Magic and Sawdust
September 1961- The Beginning
Storm Clouds
Queen Victoria vs the Zolotone Monster
Millionaire’s Mansion for $900 Bucks !
Master Plan
First Photo
What Goes Up
Academy of Magical Arts
It’s Magic !
Truth or Consequences
John Shrum
Our First Bar
Our New Old Bar
Slide Show
Jay Ose
« Mr Junk »
Second Hand Milk
Permits, Nice People & Good Luck

Chapitre 2 :

Happy New Year 1963
Spencer Quinn, Irma & Open Sesame
Immediate Success
Three Rooms, Magic & Six Stool Bar
Albert Goshman
Leo Behnke & Dai Vernon
The Larsen Annex
Harry Blackstone
Blackstone-Seconds Story Man
John Schuyler
John Schuyler Quake Soty
When It Rains
Insurance ala Levinson
Bill Bixby
Irma Room Switch for Close-Up Room
Ernie & Irma
Milt, the Carpenter
The Carpenter Act
Milt’s Portrait
Gene Fowler’s Chair
Tablecloth Yanking
Badknobs and Boomsticks
Sunset Boulevard

Chapitre 3 :

The Second Floor
Ernie’s Dome
Food for Thought
David Aguirre
Victorian Festalboard
Dining at the Castle
Art Ryon & The Times
Numero Uno Chili
Friday Lunch
Cobb Salad
Cocktail Hour
Toby Palmieri
Regular Regulars
Maury Leaf
Friday Night Lou
Ted Salter
Harry Coles
Cary Grant
Opportunity Knocking
Al Flosso & Cary Grant
Georges Burns
Ed Wynn
Stan Laurel
Jack Oakie
Mae West
Edgar Bergen
Harold Lloyd
Ralph Edwards
Carl Ballantine
Mayor Sam Yorty
General Schwarzkopf
David Horsley
Ironic but True-Martinka & the Castle

Chapitre 4 :

Growing Pains
Haunted Wine Cellar
Mama Cat
Closing the Cellar
Owl Bar
Walt Disney
Walt & Roy, Bill & Milt
Bill Larsen-The Prez
Rubbing The Lamp
Arlene’s Leg
A Pig in the Park
Aries-A Bad Sign
Hail Britania
Mayfair Music Hall
Mrs Winchester

Chapitre 5 :

Memorable Magicians
Josephine Baker
Virgil the Great
Harlan Tarbell
Alla Axiom
Dante ! The Magician
Dante ala Robert Harlan
David Copperfield ans Dante’s Chair

Chapitre 6 :

Shrum’s Greatest Magic Trick
Two Years in the Making
Don Damaskin
Larsen’s Folly
The Albert Peller Theater
Watts Art Glass Windows
Castle Whodunits
Herrmann’s Coach Cup
El Tinno
Canopy Capers
James G. Williams
Houdini Séance
Yale Gracey
Gimmicks & Gags
The Alibi Machine
Sinking Stool
David’s Soap
Revolving Table
Traveling Glass
Elevator’s Ups and Downs
Droppping Dora
Gory Head-A Bad Idea

Chapitre 7 :

Castle Personalities
Dai Vernon, « The Professor »
Larry Jennings
« Senator » Crandall
Don Lawton
Robert Stull
Charlie Miller
Peter Pit
Tony Slydini
Monster Members
Johnny Carson
Johnny, Orson & Arthur
Arthur Godfrey
Orson Welles
Johnny Carson
Orson & Johnny
Johnny and John
Standing Sets
Launce Burton
Lights Out !
President for Life

Chapitre 8 :

The Next Million Year
More castles ?
Caesar’s Castle ?
Franchising the Magic Castle

Langue : anglais – 219 pages illustrées.
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