Aviator Invisible Deck

Aviator Invisible Deck


This trick is the most incredible and the most visual trick of modern magic. You can classify it in the category mentalism.

besides, it is totally automatic !!
Here one of the plethora tricks you can realize with the Aviator Invisible Deck :
You present the cards' faces to your audience, and you invite a spectator to mentally choose a card.
Tell him that he doesn't say a word or give any clue (you can easily introduce comic effects amongst the routines of this deck).
Then pass the deck in your back a few seconds and finally display the deck faces up.
Ask the spectator to reveal his card. Look in the deck,!!! the only card backside is the chosen card.!!!

Totally automatic
You will feel like a professional magician !

Aviator poker size
Same quality as bicycle (Same toolmaker).
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