Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour (C. Marie) (Carol Marie)

Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour (C. Marie)


A Magical Mystery Tour of Hollywood's Most Amazing Landmark !

The ultimate tour of the world's most unusual private club.
Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour explores the origins of every nook, hall, room and corner.

Written and photographed by Carol Marie, this is the definitive guide to The Magic Castle and a must-have for every guest, visitor and member.


  • The Lane Mansion
  • Thomas O Glover Sr
  • Front Entrance / Foutain
  • Reception Entry hall
  • Grand Salon
  • The Blackstone Room
  • Harry Blackstone
  • Harry blackstone Jr
  • Invisible Irma's Room
  • Invisible Irma
  • The Museum in the Haunted Wine Cellar
  • William Larsen Jr
  • The Haunted Wine Cellar
  • Hat'n Hare Pub
  • Milt Larsen
  • The Close-up Gallery
  • Jay Alvin Ose
  • Grand Staircase
  • The Mezzanine Owl Bar
  • John Shrum
  • Main Dining Room
  • Houdini Seance Room
  • Harry Houdini
  • Cherub Room
  • Terrace Dining Room
  • Irene Larsen
  • Dante Dining Room
  • Dante
  • Palace Hallway Art Gallery
  • Geraldine Larsen
  • Palace of Mystery
  • Palace Bar
  • Waiting Area of the Parlour of Prestidigitation
  • Dai Vernon
  • Parlour of Prestidigitation
  • Inner Circle Ballroom
  • The Albert Peller Theatre
  • William W Larsen Memorial Library
  • William W Larsen Sr

Language: English, 295 illustrated pages.

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