Stage Cool (M. P. Lair) (Michael P. Lair)

Stage Cool (M. P. Lair)


A Collection of cool magic effects to heat up your stage performance!

In this book you'll find a lot of cool magic effects such as:

Sparkle Matches
Matches are produced, lit in your magic act, with electrical sparks showering off them. The sparks accentuate the lit match productions.

Confetti Packets:
Produce a burst of shiny mylar confetti at any time during your magic act!

Throw Streamer Packet:
A colorful burst of throw streamers appears at any point in your act!

At the end of a scarf routine, an umbrella mysteriously appears in a shower of brilliant, rain-like confetti!

20-oz. Production:
During the act, you produce a 20-oz. container of any soft drink. If you’re thirsty during the show, this is an excellent way to make a drink appear!

Cool Coil:
This is a great ending to any magic routine. Suddenly, a 36’ reusable ribbon uncoils from your fingertips!

Beach Coil:
At the end of performing Beach Memories, the beach ball magically unwinds into a 36’ streamer of yellow, blue, pink and white.


  • Sparkle matches
  • Confetti packets
  • Throw streamer packet
  • Funbrella
  • 20-oz production
  • Cool coil
  • Beach coil
  • Rose coil
  • Gold
  • First appearances
  • Side pocket
  • Cross sleeve
  • Auto-light match
  • Pipe smoke
  • Candle ring
  • Candle to sword
  • Flashpin
  • Spitfire
  • SpLitefire

Language: English, 31 illustrated pages.

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