Hockmann the Great Exposes Himself (M. Larsen) (Milt Larsen)

Hockmann the Great Exposes Himself (M. Larsen)


For the first time ever, Hockman, The Great reveals the secrets that he planned to take with him to his grave... unfortunately he hasn't died yet!

Professor Hockman breaks the rules and reveals the secrets of his most unusual illusions that no self-respecting magician would ever even want to know.

Amazing stories that none before would ever dare tell in loving, hilarious detail by Milt Larsen.


  • The art of exposure
  • Who is Hockmann?
  • Dai Vernon letter
  • Rancho Hockmann
  • Hockmann's age
  • Hockmann's holidays
  • Broken and restored mirror
  • The Hazy world of Hockmann
  • Amazing stonewall
  • Double lift
  • Packing box escape
  • Disappearing goblet
  • Bare stage review
  • Maud's memories
  • Superman transition illusion
  • The floating and vanishing elephant
  • Hockmann's cohorts
  • The scandinavian sorcerer
  • The jumbo rising cards
  • Magneto the great
  • Great Kiddie wonder show
  • Vanishing dime extravanganza
  • Shocking electric chair vanish
  • Hockmann on inventions
  • Vanishing flying machine illusion
  • The fakir's favourite hindu rope trick
  • The cut and restored rattlesnake
  • The guillotine illusion
  • The vanishing mustache trick
  • Nest of boxes
  • Hockmann on publicity
  • Unusual theaters
  • Klotzmeyer bijou
  • Atlantis aquatic theater
  • Hockmann on vaudeville
  • Unusual variety acts
  • The amazing nudedini
  • About the artist
  • Maude Hockmann

Language: English, 177 illustrated pages.

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