DVD Shadowgraphy vol.2 (Greco) ( Greco)

DVD Shadowgraphy vol.2 (Greco)


For the very first time here is a DVD teaching the Art of Hand-shadows.

Performed and explained by a top professional who spent more than 30 years practicing this legendary art.

Volume Two

On this second volume Greco delves into more advanced animal shadows with some of them using props.
Volume two also shows the original set of props used by Okito and contains footage of Fu Manchu's hand-shadows act. You will also learn how to perform these shadows:

  • Camel

  • Toad

  • Swan

  • Man Eating

  • American Indian

  • Cowboy

  • Jockey

  • The Devil

  • Bedouin

  • Pope John Paul II

  • Fidel Castro

  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  • Jockey Riding a Horse

  • Preacher

  • Cook

This DVD also includes:

- Hand shadows with props
- Fu Manchu’s hand-shadows act
- The original Okito set of accessories
- Instructions to make your own prop

Language: English.

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