BICYCLE Ghost Deck

BICYCLE Ghost Deck


Everything about the Ghost Deck is white, black or gray.
The only red portion is blood red and is the small pip underneath the index, as seen in the above photo.
Even the court cards have the color drained out of them which makes for a powerful and eerie deck.

Designed by Ellusionist, the Bicycle Ghost Deck has an amazing design. Five solid months of design work went into the Ghost Deck.

It maintains the general Bicycle look & feel, but adds incredible touches that the red and blue decks lack.

  • Latin on the Joker says: "The World Invites Deception".

  • One of the Jokers is stepping on an Ace of Clubs, one is not.

  • When you turn the Ace of Spades upside down, you'll notice snake heads at the base of the pip.

  • In addition, there is a hand coming out of the top of the Ace.

Whereas the Black Tiger Deck is tight, focused and aggressive, the Ghost emanates beauty and energy.

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