DVD Showoff with coins (2 DVD)

DVD Showoff with coins (2 DVD)


Experience the Ultimate Collection of Showoff Moves with Coins!

Everything you need to become an extreme showoff!

This 2 DVD set features over 70 moves.

Five skill levels will take you from beginner status to showoff coin magician faster then you can say Tenkai!

An essential DVD!


  • Level one – beginner

  • Finger spin; Axis spin; Coin twirl…

  • Level two – intermediate

  • Matrix heel slide change, 3 coin roll from hand to hand, Claw catch coin flip…

  • Level three – expert

  • Arm pops, arm spread and catch, coin fan…

  • Level four – master

  • 2 coin splits, 4 coin roll down, 4 coin roll down to coin star…

  • Level five – showoff

  • 10 coin roll out, 10 coin roll down to coin star, 5 coin roll down 1st coin in palm…

Language: English.

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