Expert at the Card table (W. James) 7 DVD 1 book (Wesley James)

Expert at the Card table (W. James) 7 DVD 1 book


Erdnase, The Expert at the Card Table, is considered the Bible by many experts.

The problem is that the material is both difficult to understand and for many people, impossible to execute.

Underground card expert, Wesley James, is finally releasing the real work on Erdnase, and so much more!

On this 7 DVD set you will see everything from the book and learn to perfect it from a master teacher.

Plus, Wesley gives his own handlings and insights.

With co-host Simon Lovell, he will guide you step by step through the ground-breaking text that made Erdnase a legend.


    DVD 1

  • History of the book

  • Language: English, Running time: 41 min

    DVD 2

  • Erdnase system of blind shuffles

  • Erdnase system of blind riffles & cuts

  • Blind riffles

  • Blind cuts

  • Fancy blind cuts

  • Fancy true cut, one handed

  • Indicate the location for the cut

  • Bottom dealing

  • Top & bottom dealing with one hand

  • Second dealing

  • Ordinary methods of stocking, locating & securing stock shuffle

  • Erdnase system of stock shuffling

  • Erdnase system of cull shuffling

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h24

    DVD 3

  • Erdnase system of palming

  • To maintain the bottom palm while dealing

  • To hold the location of cut while dealing

  • Shifts

  • To ascertain the top cards while riffling and reserve them at bottom

  • Mode of holding the hand

  • Skinning the hand

  • The player without and ally

  • Three card monte

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h03

    DVD 4
    Legerdemain - Part one

  • Shifts

  • The blind shuffle for securing selected card

  • Forcing

  • Palming

  • Changes

  • Transformations, two hands

  • Transformations, one hand

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h36

    DVD 5
    Legerdemain - Part two

  • Blind shuffles, retaining entire order

  • Methods for determining a card thought of

  • To get sight of selected card

  • The slide

  • Favorite sleights for terminating tricks

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h10

    DVD 6
    Act I - For your heart

  • The acrobatic jacks

  • The card and handkerchief

  • The card and hat

  • The travelling cards

  • The three aces

  • The acme of control

  • The invisible flight

  • The exclusive coterie

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h35

    DVD 7
    Act II - For your mind

  • A mind reading trick

  • The row of ten cards

  • The prearranged deck

  • Power of concentrated thought

  • The top & bottom production

  • The divining rod

  • Language: English, Running time: 1h13

    The book

    The book follows the same logic as the DVD serie.

    Language: English, 205 illustrated pages.
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