Hexagonal ellis ring ( Kreis)

Hexagonal ellis ring


The magician shows a rope and a ring.
After putting the rope though the ring the performer pulls the ring that gets off the rope.
Then the performer hits the ring with the rope and the ring is trapped again by the rope.
The audience can examine the ring and the rope.


A ring is shown to the audience.
The performer asks a spectator to put his hand as for a handshaking, and he puts the ring on his thumb.
Then the magician covers the spectator’s hand with and handkerchief and takes the ring off.
He puts the ring in his pocket but the ring comes back to his thumb.

  • All can be given to examination
  • Delivered complete
  • Easy to perform
  • Very visual effect
  • The trick is delivered with an internet code for you to watch bonus video clip including performances and explanations.

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