The annotated magic of Slydini (L. Ganson) (Lewis Ganson)

The annotated magic of Slydini (L. Ganson)


Long unavailable, Lewis Ganson`s The Magic of Slydini is, perhaps, one of the most influential magic books ever.
Many of its routines have now become classics in magic, including Flight of the Paper Balls, Helicopter Card, Coins Through The Table, Slydini`s Knotted Silks, The Paper Balls in the Hat and others.

In this brand new edition, Slydini has some additional things to say about his creations.
Some time ago, Dr. Gene Matsuura went through the text of Ganson`s book with Tony Slydini and took careful notes as Slydini made valuable additions and observations.

The Annotated Magic of Slydini presents every word of Lewis Ganson`s original text, printed in black, along with Slydini`s additions and corrections, printed in blue, making this an invaluable and essential work even for those who own the original book.


  • The art of using the lap as a servante – Position and timing
  • The art of using the lap as a servante – Misdirection
  • The paper balls in the hat
  • Slydini’s new cigarette miracle
  • Two cigarettes from on
  • Ciragette fantasy
  • Sponge ball magic
  • Coins though the table
  • Slydini’s new version of the coins through table
  • The flight of the paper balls
  • Rope trickery
  • The helicopter card
  • Slydini’s knotted silks
  • Slydini’s torn and restored newspaper

    Language: English, 312 illustrated pages

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