DVD True Magic Vol.1 (A. Colombini) (Aldo Colombini)

DVD True Magic Vol.1 (A. Colombini)


Aldo Colombini is one the world's foremost magicians.
People around the world love his magic, love his humour and love him!

In these two volumes of DVD's, Aldo Colombini will share a series of his favourite brand new magic tricks with you, including cards, rope, etc...

As all magicians should know, Aldo's magic is strong, direct, and fun to watch while using some very clever and simple methods.
Of course, there will be no exception in these two volumes!

And now, please enjoy the True Magic by Aldo Colombini!!!


  • Contact Colors
    A three-effect routine with a killer ending! You will see what happens when coincidence meets luck!

  • Jesters
    The back of four jokers change from blue to red one at a time, and then change back to blue instantly!

  • Hong Kong Colors
    A spectator inserts a card into a deck, then the back of its mate and the entire deck change color. A perfect opener.

  • Fling
    Produces a series of bewildering feats in which randomly shuffled cards jump magically into pairs!

  • Get Off My Spread
    The thought of card is vanished inside the sleeve, and reappears inside the pocket! Twice!

  • Rope In
    Aldo is an award-winning magician in rope magic: this is his new rope routine which is blended with lots of stunning effects!

  • Cutting Edges
    A four Kings assembly routine with a very surprise ending: The spectator cuts to four Aces!

  • Men of Mystery
    With a prediction card, you reveal two selected cards and the three mates of each selection!

  • Personally Yours
    A sticker is cloned from one card to another three. Three of them vanish all of a sudden and assemble on only one card!

  • Deep Impact
    Two cards are selected. Three predictions match the first card, change to match the second and jump into different pockets!

  • Full Speed Aces
    Using four Aces to identify a selected card, the final ace magically changes into the selection!

  • Flip Flop
    Two selected cards are revealed by 'Flip Flop', and finally the cards change place!

  • Transpo Elevator
    An elevator routine using Ace, Two, and Three. The cards jump to the top, sandwich, and change places!

Language: English, Running time: 1h32

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