Endless rose (Horace Ng) ( Horace Ng)

Endless rose (Horace Ng)


This brilliant rose magic effect is created by Horace Ng.

Imagine that you come on stage and pick up a full sized red rose.

No matter how many times you pluck the rose away, the rose keeps reappearing on the stem again and again.

Dramatically, the rose changes its color as a climax!

The gimmicks are well-made, you can perform this trick almost every circumstances from close-up to stage.

Beautiful and elegant! Very easy to do and it looks like a real rose!

The Endless Rose Box Set includes:

  • An Endless Rose Gimmick (3 x Gimmick Rose, 1 x Gimmick Stem)
  • 5 Normal Full Sized Rose (No Gimmick)
  • A quality and clearly explained instructional DVD in English.

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