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Set of 8 vintage postcards

Set of 8 vintage postcards


This box will allow you to amazed people with your originality.

You will find in this set of 8 postcards the posters of the most famous magicians such as Houdini, Kellar, Alexander, Thurston, and Flint.

  • The postcards are made of cardboard.

    In this box you will discover 8 postcards of the following great magicians:

    - “Alexander Crystal Seer”
    - “Alexander”
    - “Hebert Flint”
    - “Houdini au théâtre Lyceum”
    - “Houdini’s will”
    - “Kellar lévitation”
    - “Kellar self decapitation”
    - “Thurston”

    Size of a postcard: 14,3 x 9,7 cm.
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