DVD Incredible magic at the bar vol.6 (M. Maxwell) (Mike Maxwell)

DVD Incredible magic at the bar vol.6 (M. Maxwell)


Michael Maxwell's Incredible Magic...Made Easy! is a multi-volume DVD series designed to teach you how to easily master and perform some of the greatest magic tricks ever created!

Each set in the series covers a different and unique type of magic, such as Bar Magic, Card Magic, Coin Magic, Rope Magic, Silk Magic, Impromptu Magic, Mental Magic, Money Magic and many more!

Magic at the Bar, Volume 6 continues your journey into the incredible secrets of performing magic at the bar.
This time the contents consist of the greatest bar bets, stunts & wagers ever created!

These devious bets are designed to be performed on either side of the bar, and they will challenge even the most astute observer to test their brain skills.

They are hilarious as well. Imagine all of the fun you can have - win money, get free drinks or just make new friends as you fool and entertain with these fantastic mind-benders!

Volume 6 also contains incredible bonus effects from one of magic's greatest superstars:

  • Michael Weber - Thinking Over a Tree

    EXTRA BONUS! A trial version of Barware Deluxe, an amazing software program that "virtually" teaches you how to mix almost any cocktail!

    SUPER BONUS! A special gaffed card needed for Michael Maxwell's Anywhere Cards, an incredible effect wherein two selected cards magically travel to two impossible locations!


    • Introduction
    • Dropping a Match on Edge
    • Coin Cross
    • Coin Triangle
    • One of them is not a Dime
    • Dime for Every Quarter
    • Heads & Tails
    • Bill & Bottle
    • Match Triangle
    • Picking Up Straws
    • Ten Dimes in Shot Glass
    • Bill Between Two Beer Bottles
    • Circumference vs. Height
    • Olive in Ashtray
    • Heckler Shot
    • Stepping through a Business Card
    • William Tell Match
    • The Dry Dime
    • Squeeze Play
    • Topsy-Turvy Coins
    • Centrifugal Force Coin & Glass
    • Heads & Tails on the Line
    • Coin Star
    • Matching Birthdays
    • Dropping a Matchbox on End
    • Ten-Cent Shot
    • Two Shots, Two Beers
    • Bet I Can Make You Say Black
    • Coin Hitting Coin
    • Olive & Martini Glass
    • Yoke are White
    • Picking up an Ice Cube with a String 33. Picking up a Bottle with a Straw
    • Walking Around You Three Times
    • Eggstraordinary
    • Thinking Over a Tree (Weber)
    • 3 1/2 of Clubs Trick (Maxwell)
    • 3 1/2 of Clubs Trick / 14 of Spades/ Blank Card (Maxwell)

    Language: English, Running time: 1h25
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