7 Appearing parasol set

7 Appearing parasol set


The parasol productions are from a long time considered as surprising and elegant. Even they are considered in that way, their secret is still guarded.

These 7 parasol will appear one by one.

They can appear from a mirror box or from a Fantasta (Square Circle Deception).

Double the parasols to multiply them one more time.

After the appearance of three silks (Production silks) you hold by the corners, you remove one parasol, another one and a third one. Indeed the silk can contain until three parasols.

You will be able to make these 7 parasol appearing whenever you want. They are adapted for an ending because they will cover a large part of the stage.

A lot of productions are performable with such accessories, they will amaze your audience who will enjoy your performance. You can also adapt it to your shows, creating a more original and poetic routine.

  • Sold oneness.
  • Colours: Red and white, Blue and white, Multicolour, Bleu, White, Red, Yellow.

    Size of a parasol:
    Height: 42,5 cm
    Diameter open: 64,5 cm
    Diameter closed: 4 cm

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