Virtual secrets (Daniel Rhod)

Virtual secrets


The first volume will bring you in the universe of Daniel Rhod.

You will discover an incredible amount of new sleights which are destined to become classics and a first selection of his original magical creations which were published in his french best sellers books "Plus secrets secrets" and "Magie virtuelle".
Daniel Rhod submit you 7 spectacular routines of which 2 are unpublished.

  • The lucky hand :
    A spectator touches freely 4 cards. This cards are the 4 aces.

  • Ascalade :
    The black aces are placed under the red aces. Then they go up inexplicably.

  • Mental Monte :
    Divination of a card in impossible conditions.

  • Fusion :2 one dollar half coins become a single dollar coin.

  • Technicolor Jokers : 4 jokers with blue back return themselves and then their back are multicolored.

  • Royal Clonage : 4 white card transform into the cards choosed by the audience.

  • Trionic :3 coins appear and disappear in a very magic moment. Very impressive.

      Explanations of the routines with sleights and choreography carefully detailed in the menu.

      Languages : English / French.
      Running time : about 60 minutes.
      Standard :
      PAL DVD.
      Multiregion encoding for worlwide viewing.
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