The Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman vol.3 (Dan Fleshman)

The Restaurant Magic of Dan Fleshman vol.3


Dan Fleshman has been a professional close-up entertainer for 20 years and performing magic in restaurants has always been at the core of his work.
The magic presented here is all in Dan's active, working repertoire and all of it has been tempered in the white-hot fire of real-world performance.
This is close-up magic that Dan kills lay audiences with night after night - and now it's yours!
On these DVDs, Dan presents his showcase routines. For special tables, Dan reaches into his vast repertoire and performs one of these gems.
All of them are closers and are capable of astounding even the most jaded audience.

Volume 3 – Desserts

    Close-Up Linking Rings
    Dan's version of this stage classic retains every bit of the wonder yet is perfect for all close-up and walk-around venues. Solid steel five-inch rings melt through each other just inches away from the spectators' faces. It looks like real magic - and Dan gives you all the work!

    Rolllover Production
    Four half dollars are magically produced one at a time by simply turning over a single playing card four times.

    Dan's three-phase version of the classic coin assembly. Four half dollars assemble under a single playing card. The effect is then repeated but this time, the coins return to their respective, separate positions. For the finale, with just a single card used, the coins assemble and then visibly return to their starting positions.

    Coins To Glass
    An audience favorite. Coins vanish from the performer's hand and magically appear, one at a time, in a drinking glass.

    Crayon Thru .25
    A crayon visibly penetrates though the center of a borrowed quarter. This classic of magic is now able to be performed for all ages!

    Cups and Balls
    Dan's classic routine featuring the Fleshman Flash - an amazing final load sequence that will have you reaching for the remote control to watch it again!

    BONUS! The Chinese Linking Rings - A Close-Up Version
    This is the video that accompanied the deluxe mini-rings that Dan marketed several years ago. Watch Dan perform an entire restaurant set for an actual audience, including his version of the Rings. His original explanation for the Ring routine follows.

      Language: English, Running Time: 103 min.

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