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DVD Creating Magic (Gary Kurtz) (Gary Kurtz)

DVD Creating Magic (Gary Kurtz) - gary kurtz


Those of you who have Gary KURTZ’s first DVD, “Let’s Get Furious”, already know the high caliber of his effects and techniques. The material on this second volume of Gary’s innovative magic is every bit as impressive as that on Volume One.

Highlighting this 85 minute broadcast-quality DVD is “Misty Like a Dream”, an entire coin act ! This one item alone contains groundbreaking new sleights and moves combined to form a beautiful flowing routine, including productions, vanishes, changes and transformations. You won’t believe it !


  • Gary in your pockets
    A “Re-Set” type card routine where two packets of cards transpose to your pockets !

  • Silk Coin Vanish
    Four silver dollards vanish like a breeze !

  • Hypothetical Possibilities
    A very magical, multi-phase card routine where the spectators are taken back in time !

  • The Empty Hand
    A method of showing your hands empty and then producing a signed card from your pocket !

  • and more …

    Language : English, Running Time : 85 min.

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