Flash set from R.Bitoune (Roger Bitoune)

Flash set from R.Bitoune


This set includes 6 very surprising Roger Bitoune productions:

The white flash paper book, this rapidly burnt paper!!!
Adapted for changes or flash effects, it is perfect for close-up and will easily enter in your pocket! (Includes 20 leafs. 6 x 8 cm)

The spark powder will allow you to make golden cascade when passing over a flame. Put a little of this powder on flash paper and it will twinkle when you light it.

The Fire Ball will give you the power to throw fire balls. This kind of miracle is now performable. Easy to use, security on/off or control at the elbow simply by pressing.

The Flash bill will allow you to borrow a bill, to burn it and to restore it anywhere you want.

The Little Smoke, will allow you to produce smoke at your fingertips whenever you want. You can show your hands empty. There is no gimmick, only magic.

The flash cotton is a refill for the Fire Ball but can also be used for an even more flash appearance or vanishing.

Sale forbidden to minors.
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