DVD Jaw Droppers - Ready, Set Go (vol.2) (Larry Anderson)

DVD Jaw Droppers - Ready, Set Go (vol.2)


The Jaw Droppers DVD shows each trick performed by expert close-up magician Larry Anderson, followed by a step-by-step explanation of the trick. You too can amaze your own friends with very little practice! Learn just one Jaw Dropper and make just one impression, and you'll see how much this DVD is really worth!

"With these Jaw Droppers, you can make an impression that people will remember for years to come. There's no better way than magic to break the ice with business contacts, new friends, or someone special you want to connect with." Larry Anderson.


  • Anything Goes
  • A-peel-ing Wallpaper
  • Baffling Bucks
  • Burnt Offerings
  • A Point Well Taken
  • Bills From Nowhere
  • Business Card-incidence
  • Busted!
  • Change Out of a Buck
  • Ghost Trap
  • The Hand-Made While-U-Wait Business Card Printer
  • Helicopter Bill
  • The Ash-stounding Penetration
  • Gimme a Break
  • Pad Your Budget
  • Snip-A-Tip
  • Leave 'Em Spell-Bound
  • Never the Twine Shall Meet
  • "Arch" Enemy
  • The Haunted Bill

    Language: English, Time: : 116 min.

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