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The Handbook of super powers (A. Mayne) (Andrew Mayne)

The Handbook of super powers (A. Mayne) - andrew mayne


Written as a Comics, this book takes back some of the most famous powers of the super heroes and over all it learn you how to perform them.
So be stronger than ten people as Superman, throw spider webs as Spiderman or transform what you touch in ice as Iceman…


  • Bending a Penny Fold a coin thanks to your super human strength.
  • Maximum Force Leant against a wall, you resist to the pressure of ten people.
  • Mind Probe A spectator selects a number, multiplies it, adds it… at the end you find it.
  • Spider Cling A can sticks to your hand.
  • Sonar Vision A spectator selects a coin while you are hoodwinked and you find it.
  • Freeze Touch You pour water in a glass that tranforms into ice.
  • Hyper Magnetic A magnetic compass follows your hands.
  • PK Ultra A pen moves alone on a table.
  • Web shooter Throw spiderwebs.
  • Invisible touch A coin disappears when youp ut a frame on it.
  • The Human volcano A bottle of soda produces big bubbles.
  • Super Balance A ball stay on your nose.
  • Force field You break a pen with a banknote.
  • Aqua force Water spurts from a cup.
  • Wall crawler Climb up a door.
  • X-Ray Scope The spectator sees a hole in his hand through a paper tube.
  • Bulls Eye You insert a paper clip in a wall.
  • Shrinker Reduce the size of a banknote, folding and unfolding it.
  • Laser Vision A red point appears on an ice cream.
  • Hypno ring After pressure, the spectator arm moves alone.
  • Anti gravity A paper grip levitates in a transparent container.
  • Flying cards Some tips to throw card far away.
  • Super smell You recognize the owner of coloured papers thanks to your smell.

    : English, Format :13,7 x 21,1 cm, 90 illustrated pages.
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