Daryl's Card Revelations Set ( Daryl)

Daryl's Card Revelations Set


This set includes the 5 DVD of Daryl on card revelation. It will give you all what you need to know about this art he masters from years.

Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.1

Daryl – World Champion Magician and sleight of hand artist extraordinaire brings you the first in a series of videos teaching the finest methods for revealing selected cards. Daryl has extensively researched literally hundreds of magic books, magazines and lectures notes to seek out and bring you the finest card revelations available. Here he presents 23 of the very best. The extra time and attention Daryl pays to giving you the details will make your learning experience as easy and effective as possible. You’re in for a treat !


  • Chicago Opener (Frank EVERHART)
  • Happy Birthday Card (Daryl)
  • Himber’s Name Cards (Richard HIMBER)
  • Boston’s Card Stab (George BOSTON & Daryl)
  • Poker Voice / Lie Detector (Al BAKER)
  • Circus Card Trick
  • Skullocation (Qtuart JUDAH)
  • Moving Pencil (Harry LORAYNE)
  • Secret Mathematician (Findley)
  • Face Up Locator
  • Psychological Force
  • Card At Selected Number
  • Spectator Stop
  • Simple Mind Reading
  • Business Card Prophecy (Bill SIMON)
  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub
  • Rising Aces (Marconick)
  • 21 Force
  • Pivot Revelation #1 (Bruce CERVON)
  • Long Distance Spinner (Audley WALSH)
  • Knock Out
  • Gag Sandwich

    Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.2

    Daryl is world renowned as both « The Magician’s Magician » and one of the finest teachers of magic ever. He has taught many thousand of magicians worldwide, and now you have the chance to learn 30 of the greatest impromptu methods for revealing previously selected cards. Included among the dozens of stunning revelations are some self-working mysteries and even methods where the spectators locate and discover their own cards ! Every item is 100% practical, commercial and certain to add amazing impact to your magic performances.


  • Sandwich #3 (Larry JENNINGS)
  • Spectator Makes a Sandwich (Daryl)
  • Two Card Stab
  • Biddled Across (Elmer BIDDLE)
  • Fan See Card (Mary KINSON)
  • Rosini Surprise Stab (Paul ROSINI)
  • Open Sesame (Derek DINGLE)
  • Zombie Card Rise (Eddie WARD)
  • Bullet Trick (Peter KANE & Ken KRENZEL)
  • Dunbury Delusion (Charlie MILLER)
  • Two Cards in the Eyeglasses (Daryl)
  • ”Say It Over And Over In Your Mind”
  • No Palm Card through Handkerchief (Daryl)
  • The Nose Knows (Karrell FOX)
  • Kick Back Card Discovery
  • Pop Out Move (Piet FORTON)
  • Spectator Finds the Ace
  • Nothing to Do (Paul MORRIS)
  • ”The Question Is …” (Karrell FOX)
  • Fortune Telling Fish (Daryl)
  • The Australian Sixes (Ronald WOHL)
  • Card in the Card Box (Matt SCHULIEN & Ed MARLO)
  • Spelling a Card (Larry GRAY)
  • Whispering Queen
  • The End Stab
  • Homing Card
  • The Fingerprint Card Trick (Dai VERNON)
  • Center Pivot Out
  • Double Pivot Out
  • The Psychic Stop

    Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.3

    The table of contents says it all! This is a truly amazing video which contains 36 dynamic methods for revealing selected cards. There are a tremendous variety of magical masterpieces here, from easy to more technically challenging and each is explained step by step in great detail. You’ll be amazed at how many of these can be added to your performing repertoire immediately. It’s all here and taught by one of the finest card magician’s in the world ! Daryl’s Card Revelations is a must for every magician’s library.


  • Tip-Over Change
  • The 3 ½ of Clubs (Karl FULVES)
  • Triumph (Dai VERNON & Tenkai)
  • Card Detected by Pulse Beat (Conrad RHEINER)
  • Any Number Down
  • Double Count
  • Card Stab Through Newspaper
  • The Magic Thrust (Ted ANNEMANN)
  • Card Penetration and Change (Cy ENDFIELD)
  • A “Sense of Touch” Discovery
  • Hit the deck
  • Cocktail Cards (Dai VERNON)
  • Card in the Hat (Larry JENNINGS & Daryl)
  • An Impromptu Rising Card Effect (Paul LEPAUL)
  • ”I’m Sitting On It !” (Karrell FOX)
  • Ashes on th Arm
  • Red Tape (Ken BROOKE)
  • Process of elimination
  • Card Caught in Midair
  • Cut the Cards (Matt SCHULIEN)
  • Chosen Card Up Sleeve
  • Through the Table (Johnny BENZAIS)
  • Plunger Discovery (Howard SCHWARTZMAN & Ken RENZEL)
  • Crystal Ball
  • Magnetic Knife
  • The Gun Trick (Steve BLENCOE)
  • Simple reverse
  • Slide revelation
  • Spell it
  • Spring card revelation
  • Popover Moke (J.K. HARTMAN)
  • Gymnastic Aces (Paul LEPAUL)
  • Flip Up Card (Joe BOERG)
  • Flip Up Card Surprise ! (Daryl)
  • Big Card or Little Card (Daryl)
  • Self-Cuting Deck (Fenn & Jordan)

    Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.4

    Have you ever wondered what the most effective ways to reveal selected cards are? Here you will learn 36 fascinating ways to conclude your “pick a card” routines and all are taught by one of the true masters of card magic. World champion magician Daryl shows you exactly how to make that dramatic revelation and bring each of your card routines to a stunning conclusion – leaving your audience baffled and amazed by your magical powers! If you perfect any one of these mysteries, you will have yourself a top-notch reputation maker!


  • New Era Card Through Handkerchief
  • A Direct Stab (Karrell FOX)
  • Pivot Revelation Method #2 (Bruce CERVON)
  • Fillip (Bruce ELLIOTT)
  • Righting a Wrong
  • Dual Discovery
  • Riffle Shuffle Flip Over
  • Clap br>
  • Heavy Weight Flip Over Card
  • The Card Through the Magazine
  • Card Between Plates (Daryl)
  • Card on the Forehead
  • The Controlled Cut (Al BAKER)
  • The Geiger Counter Card Trick (Jerry ANDRUS & John CORNELIUS)
  • My First Gun (Daryl)
  • The Revolver Card (Richard HIMBER)
  • Quadruple Pivot Out (Daryl)
  • TV Aces
  • Best Card in Pocket
  • Lazy Man’s Card to Pocket (Jack MC MILLAN)
  • The “Easy” Card to Pocket
  • The Card and Cigarette Case
  • Card on Seat (Daryl)
  • Kangaroo Card
  • Any Number Up
  • Sandwich #1
  • Klip-Kard
  • It’s in the Book (Karrell FOX)
  • Selected Card from Spectator’s Pocket
  • Card in the Eyeglasses (Daryl)
  • Mindreading with Any Assistant
  • Direct Card to Pocket
  • Sandwich #2 (Ed MARLO)
  • The X-Ray Knife
  • Card in the Mouth
  • Rising Cards from Envelope (Pete BIRO & Bill SEVERN)

    Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.5

    It’s been said that if you know a number of ways to control a selected card but only one way to reveal it, you really only know one trick. Conversely, if you only know one control but have many ways to reveal the selected card at your disposal, you’d know a lot of different tricks. And, on this video, Daryl, the Magician’s Magician, explains 18 different ways to do just that as he delivers scores of strategies that will bring your card routines to stunning conclusions, much to the delight and bewilderment of your spectators. Daryl, the man behind the hugely successful Video Encyclopedia of Card Sleights has turned his attention toward ways to give your cards magic maximum impact and your audiences will be the better for it !


  • Burnt Card (Daryl)
  • Card Under the Tablecloth (Daryl’s handling for effect)
  • Cross Cut Force
  • Cut Deeper Force (Ed BALDUCCI)
  • Hindu Shuffle Force
  • U Find Your Card (Lu BRENT)
  • Card Finds Card
  • Throw Through Change (Daryl)
  • Slop Shuffle
  • Riding the Aces
  • Bewilderment
  • Double Discovery
  • A New Top Card Production (M.Jules DHOTEL)
  • One Hand Discovery (Matt SCHULIEN)
  • Find Five Cards
  • Coin Cut (Larry JENNINGS)
  • Almost a Transposition
  • Card in the Envelope

    Language : English - Dvd multizone

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