The Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion (Harry Blackstone)

The Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion


The complete Backstone story along with varied appreciation of the history, science of the art of illusion. Discover the art of magic from the temples of ancient Egypt to the vaudeville stages of the 1920s to modern magic.

proposes you to discover the best magicians of magic history, to learn the effect psychological impacts and to perform basic routines.


  • Introduction: the world of magic.
  • From caveman to modern conjuror: a short history of the art of illusion.
  • The science of illusion.
  • Performing magic.
  • Bibliography.
  • Appendices.
  • Index.

  • A very illustrated book.
  • For the magic lovers.
  • For beginners as for professionals.
  • Very detailed routines.

    Language : English - Spanish. 230 illustrated pages Format : 21 x 26,9 cm.

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