Booklet Armbuster (Andrew Mayne)

Booklet Armbuster


The magician explains that he managed to create a cast which attributes enable him to prevent any injury as it happens. Knives, needles, fire… nothing can hurt him. He places the cast over to demonstrate its efficiency and pulls out a drill with a very long drill bit. Next he proceeds to drill thought the top of the cast, straight through his arm. Except for the possible half litre of the blood the magician appears to be fine.

All the secrets of this very amazing routine are details in this book by Andrew Mayne.

This book proposes you:

  • The effect.
  • The secret.
  • The cast preparation.
  • The drill bit.
  • Gross out method.
  • Materials.
  • Performance of the trick.

  • All the secrets of this extraordinary routine.
  • Detailed descriptions.
  • Small advices very clever.
  • A personal style of the artist.
  • Delivered with French translation.

    Language : English. 10 illustrated pages Format : 14 x 21,7 cm.

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