Dvd Mc Bride magic on stage - Vol.2 Exotic mysteri (Jeff Mc Bride)

Dvd Mc Bride magic on stage - Vol.2 Exotic mysteri


This is the second volume of a very complete Dvd serie McBride Magic on Stage named Exotic mysteries – Flash, Color and Spectacle .

Exotic mysteries is an amazing Dvd in which Jeff McBride teaches you step-by-step how to add color and mystery. He also gives you all the techniques and presentation tips so you can adapt this show to your own presentational style!

This Dvd includes for example:

  • Snowstorm in China.
  • Magical discipline.
  • The mini-cone flower production.
  • Silk popper production.
  • New vanishing knot.
  • The egg on fan.
  • The Chen Lee water suspension.
  • Giant blendo.
  • and much more.

  • All the secrets of colored routines.
  • Detailed tricks.
  • Numerous advices of the magician.
  • A personal style of the artist.

    Language : English.

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