Dvd The Art of Levitation Vol.1 and 2 (Dirk Losander)

Dvd The Art of Levitation Vol.1 and 2


A specialist in the field of levitation and animation effects, Losander is the inventor of the “Floating Table” which has been a huge hit in the United States and unquestionably the most stunning effect on the market !
An interesting array of effects and new ideas on threadwork.

Now Losander wishes to share with you some more ideas and insights on the performance of levitation effects for stage and close-up.

Some of the effects included on this video are :

  • Floating’s Bill

  • Floating Paperball

  • Dancing Cane

  • Bubble Zombie

  • Bubble Magic

  • The Floating Feather

  • The Jumping Card

  • Mystical Fork

  • Dancing Hanky

    Language : English

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