Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.3 ( Daryl)

Dvd Daryl's Card Revelations Vol.3


The table of contents says it all ! This is a truly amazing wideo which contains 36 dynamic methods for revealing selected cards. There are a tremendous variety of magical masterpieces here, from easy to more technically challenging and each is explained step by step in great detail. You’ll be amazed at how many of these can be added to your performing repertoire immediately. It’s all here and taught by one of the finest card magician’s in the world ! Daryl’s Card Revelations is a must for every magician’s library.


  • Tip-Over Change

  • The 3 ½ of Clubs (Karl FULVES)

  • Triumph (Dai VERNON & Tenkai)

  • Card Detected by Pulse Beat (Conrad RHEINER)

  • Any Number Down

  • Double Count

  • Card Stab Through Newspaper

  • The Magic Thrust (Ted ANNEMANN)

  • Card Penetration and Change (Cy ENDFIELD)

  • A “Sense of Touch” Discovery

  • Hit the deck

  • Cocktail Cards (Dai VERNON)

  • Card in the Hat (Larry JENNINGS & Daryl)

  • An Impromptu Rising Card Effect (Paul LEPAUL)

  • ”I’m Sitting On It !” (Karrell FOX)

  • Ashes on th Arm

  • Red Tape (Ken BROOKE)

  • Process of elimination

  • Card Caught in Midair

  • Cut the Cards (Matt SCHULIEN)

  • Chosen Card Up Sleeve

  • Through the Table (Johnny BENZAIS)

  • Plunger Discovery (Howard SCHWARTZMAN & Ken KRENZEL)

  • Crystal Ball

  • Magnetic Knife

  • The Gun Trick (Steve BLENCOE)

  • Simple reverse

  • Slide revelation

  • Spell it

  • Spring card revelation

  • Popover Moke (J.K. HARTMAN)

  • Gymnastic Aces (Paul LEPAUL)

  • Flip Up Card (Joe BOERG)

  • Flip Up Card Surprise ! (Daryl)

  • Big Card or Little Card (Daryl)

  • Self-Cuting Deck (Fenn & Jordan)

    Language :English.

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