Practical Hypnotism (Ed. Wolff)

Practical Hypnotism


This complete mini-course in hypnotism starts with the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the subject at all.
It presents the subject in detail before learning you how to hypnotize a perfect stranger. The concise explanations with the numerous illustrations will allow you to understand the nuances of this art.


  • Practical hypnotism – Part 1.
    - Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 – The first test, Lesson 4 – Second test (drawing the subject backwards), Lesson 5 – Third test (drawing subject forward), Lesson 6 – Fourth test (Tying subject’s hands together), Lesson 7 – Other tests, Lesson 8 – Hypnotizing the subject.

  • Practical hypnotism – Part 2.
    - Post-hypnotic suggestions, Instructions for medical purposes.

  • Staging an act.
    Introductory lecture, The hypnotic disc.

    31 illustrated pages. English languages

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