40 Tricks with a Hot Rod (Scott K. Anderson)

40 Tricks with a Hot Rod


So you have just bought an Hot Rod… but what can you do with it? You already have an Hot Rod and you would like to use it in news tricks?
Scott Anderson has written this book for you: a lot of new routines and new ideas to amaze your audience, forty in all.

Read it and learn how to use this small piece of plastic no bigger than a cigarette and perform miracles with it at your fingertips: this is the mark of a great magician.


  • Introduction.
  • The Hot Rod.
  • Various moves.
  • Tricks with household items.
  • Tricks made from household items.
  • More tricks and routines.
  • Mini-routine and patter.

    These tricks Include for instance signed card, paperfold vanish, in ear out nose, six colored cardsetc.

  • For the beginners as for the professionals.
  • Numerous detailed instructions.
  • Numerous moves to insert in your routines.
  • Ideas of routines but also patters.

    32 illustrated pages.
    English language.
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