Dvd 'Max Maven's Videomind phase 3' (Max Maven)

Dvd 'Max Maven's Videomind phase 3'


First watch Max Maven in performance and see why People magazine praised his « new form of participartory theatre » and why the Los Angeles Times hailed his “improvisational skill… enhanced by a charismatic animal magnetism”. Ater, ax is joined by Eugene Bruger for a private discussion in which the detailed secrets are revealed.


  • Goal Mine Previously unrevealed
    This is an ideal opener : a routine of mental persuasion that serves to establish the performer’s credentials, get several audience members involved, has a climax that virtually guarantees laughter and applause.

  • Tossed-Out Tech Previously unrevealed
    One of the most valuable techniques of mentalism has also been one of the least understood (until now). This section covers an effect that has been a feature item in Max Maven’s professional repertoire for over two decades. This is not a basic description, it is an in-depth analysis and knowledge developed during thousands of performances. The disclosed information constitutes a virtual “post-graduate” course in mentalism.

  • Khan Artist Previously unrevealed
    The performer forecasts how members of the audience will rearrange a set of symbols. The props are so uncomplicated… it is no wonder that this simple effect has hoodwinked some of the keenest mind in the business.

    Could there be a more direct exhibition of mindreading? A spectator thinks of an international location, the mentalist reveals it. There’s no advance work, nothing is written down… you can even perform this over the telephone.

  • Psign
    A prediction, quick and to the point. A large board is displayed back-out. A spectator selects one of the different designs which proves to be the very one printed on the front of the board. The participant can stay seated in the audience, leaving the performer alone on stage.

    English language.
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