Balloon to Rabbit Deluxe

Balloon to Rabbit Deluxe


The magician shows the lovely box, to prove it’s empty. Then he inflates a balloon and introduces it inside the box. When he opens the box, the balloon busts and a real rabbit appears.

Ballon to rabbit is a lovely wooden box painted in red, which bottom is covered with black felt, and that has high steel bars. It’s perfect for stage routines… or even close-up routines.


  • Length: 40 cm.
  • Width: 26 cm.
  • Height: 24,5 cm.

    Inside load:

  • Length: 30,5 cm.
  • Trapezoid: 2 x 17 x 12,5 x 20 cm.

    Delivered without load.

  • Vous pouvez bien sûr remplacer ce lapin par des colombes ou n’importe quel objet de taille similaire. Un petit effet pyrotechnique peut venir agrémenter l’ensemble. Succès Garanti.

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