Fechter's Aces (2 Dvds set)

Fechter's Aces (2 Dvds set)


Meet one of magic’s most influential people, Obie O’Brien!
On this two DVD set you will learn the famous FECHTER’S ACES.
Then, Obie will perform and share with you some of
his pratical magic for the closeup performer. Some of these
closeup treasures even involve the use of Jumbo Playing Cards!


  • Fechters Aces
  • 3 K’s
  • Obie’s Chicago Opener & $1 Plate

    DVD TWO:

  • Almost Mind Reading
  • Dunbury Deblusion
  • ESP Cards
  • Miss It The First Time
  • Nudist Deck
  • $30 Card Trick
  • Sponge Rabbits
  • Obie O’brien’s Big Bucks
  • Flying Eagles
  • Mystery Card
  • Two Card Monte
  • The Poker Deal
  • Big Mike/Little Joe
  • & More...
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