Arne Rising Card Booklet ( Raleigh)

Arne Rising Card Booklet


Hundreds of effects possible with this special deck.

Here are just a few : :

  • Basic Routine
    Three cards are selected from a deck of cards. The cards are shuffled, selections replaced. The deck is placed inside a clear drinking glass. The deck is then placed on a bookshelf, etc. The first selection rises out of the deck. Performer walks away, yet the second selected card rises from the deck. Finally the deck is replaced in the glass covered with a handkerchief and still yet the third selection rises from the deck.

  • Mental Match
    Two decks of cards are shown, a spectator selects one. The cards are riffle shuffled. Three cards removed placed face down on table. Remaining deck is shuffled and one by one three cards rise from the deck matching the three selected cards!

  • Card through table
    A card is selected by the spectator. The chosen card is placed beneath the table top. Card penetrates through table and rises up out of the deck that was placed in a glass on top of the table.

  • Torn and restored rising card
    A card is selected torn into four pieces. One piece is given to spectator ; the other three pieces are burned in an envelope. A card rises from the deck with one corner missing. The spectator’s piece is the perfect match.

  • Vanishing Deck Card Rise
    A card is selected replaced in the deck. The deck is then placed into the card case. Magician holds the case by the lid (flap). The card slowly rises from the deck, as the magician slowly swings the case of cards backs and forth.
    The selected card is removed and to everyone’s surprise, the remainder of the deck has vanished. The card case is torn in four pieces and tossed to the table top!

    Format : 13,5 x 21 cm - 16 pages.
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