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Polka Dot Silk (Double exchange) ( Tora Magic)

Polka Dot Silk (Double exchange) - tora-magic


This product has been designed and made by the TORA MAGIC COMPANY and is guaranteed to delight and amaze your audiences!!Magician has a large black silk in his hand. Artfully he reaches underneath and produces a black umbrella which has beautiful white dots on it! Next, with another magical movement, white dots now appear on the black silk as well to match the umbrella!Once again the magician reaches under the silk and a beautiful yellow umbrella with black dots on it appears! With a magic gesture, the silk will be the same as the appeared umbrella-yellow with black polka dots!But this is not the end !For a grand final the magician also can produce a card umbrella form the silk and with one movement the silk will be changed to a card silk!!!!!This is one of the new items which Tora Magic represents in 2010, and like all Tora Magic products this item has been made with high quality and durable materials….

  • CAUTION: On the demo video, the magician produces a range of cards that turns into a hat. This product is sold separately, it is not included in this trick Instead you can produce the flower ball provided or any other object at your leisure.
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Difficulty of level 3 for this magic's trick