Thumb Tip Magic

Thumb Tip Magic


The Thumb Tip is a gimmick overlooked from the Magician because it is used almost always in the same way, already known to a lot of people. This book is thought and realized to introduce the Magician to the potential and to study in depth the use of the thumb tip to everyone interested, starting from the basic method (good for the beginner), and explaining others, often hidden. Reading this book, you will discover that you need very few to change the thumb tip in a letal weapon to amuse the audience and to find something to do also in the situation more unexpected. You will find a lot of routines from the classics to the unknown (Bank Knight, Rings Throwing, Twentieth Century Silk, Cut Rope or Ribbon Restored and a lot more). A lot of ideas let you able to use the TT in close-up magic and the author lay emphasis on the presentation of the effect. So the book is particularly good for the beginner that want to have good foundations. You will found a lot of very clear and at close range colour pictures. These make the book unique and very good also for the experienced Magic artist.


  • Introduction

  • Part one : Methods and Concepts
    - A description and some considerations
    - Basic Thumb Tip use
    - An extra half thumb in your hand
    - More and more natural
    - Rotation Steal
    - The Dai Vernon’s Kick Steal
    - Exchanges with it
    - But doesn’t anything ever appear?
    - A roll of paper
    - Loading and unloading
    - This bring us to the end (of the theory)

  • Part two : Routines
    - Superclassics
    - Vanishing handkerchief
    - Penetration of silk
    - Twentieth century silk
    - Lit cigarette vanish
    - Burned, or cut, hankie restored
    - Bank night
    - Cut rope or ribbon restored
    - Vanishing salt

  • More Presentations
    - Matchbook routine
    - The stretching cigarette
    - The unbreakable balloon
    - Nuts on bolt trick
    - The sugar cube factory
    - One principle, many tricks
    - The tying of your thumbs
    - The traveling note
    - Note found in impossible place
    - Note in purse
    - Fakirism

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliography

    Language : English, Italian - Format : 15 x 20,9 cm - 176 pages – Illustrated.

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