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The POD - Locking Electronic reel (Steve Fearson)



With the POD worn somewhere on your body you're able to levitate virtually any lightweight item.

The POD is designed to be worry-free, just pick it up and go. Keep it on your belt, in your pocket on your keychain so you're ready to perform at any time.

The POD has the basic functionality of a mechanical ITR but as an electronic device it has a big advantage over a traditional ITR. The tension on the POD does not increase as you move further from the levitating object. You can be across the room and still have complete control. It also allows you to use the most invisible threads, enabling you to perform CLOSE up. We're talking REALLY CLOSE, literally right under their noses!

An integrated locking function allows you to lock the thread in place with just the push of a button. A locking ITR is perfect for effects like the Floating Rose or any effect where retraction is not desired during performance.

- Manages your thread, silently and reliably!
- So gentle it can work with the most delicate threads, you'll hardly know it's there!
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Difficulty of level 4 for this magic's trick