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Your Lucky Day (DVD + Gimmick) (Leo Smetsers)

Your Lucky Day (DVD + Gimmick)


Leo Smetsers has combined some great principles to create a fun. commercial and multi-kicker routine. "Your Lucky Day" uses something very personal to the spectator(their birthday) and builds a routine around a lucky card(written by the selected date in a diary). Your spectator now tries their luck with a little game of chance and they WIN! Bringing this routine full circle, right back to their lucky card. "Your Lucky Day" is easy to do, easy to learn and with its instant reset; It is perfect for table hopping performances. Included: Full Instructional DVD 4 Custom Colour Purses Custom Made Prize Cards (Supply your own diary) Note: If you like you could also add a little cartomancy to the routine to give it some fun reading, based on their lucky card."
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