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Santa Magic Hat

Santa Magic Hat


The magician enters the stage wearing a Santa costume. Then with the use of his hat, he starts mystifying the audience with wonderful magic effects. The hat in alternative could be given to a child assistant to wear, and at the right moment it could become a fabulous "magic tool". The hat allows you to do many routines, and is great for any kind of audience. With it you will be able to change a silk into a banknote, rip a piece of paper up and magically restore it, cut a rope and make it whole again, change the color of a silk, make an object vanish. • The production items are not included, but can be bought separately. • A must have for Christmas shows! Its uses are only limited by your imagination! • The hat is made from fabric. It has a diameter of about 20 cm, and is 30 cm long.
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Difficulty of level 1 for this magic's trick

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